The Zen of Writing

02/18/2021 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM ET


Charlotte Lit's Zoom Room 1

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Everyone talks about a writing flow, but exactly what does that mean and how do you get into one? In this class Kim Wright will discuss the mental and psychological side of writing - dealing with self-doubt, establishing a personalized writing practice, how to write "into the void" when you aren't sure where the story is taking you, and why writing remains a valid dream even in an industry that's often discouraging. Kim will lecture at the beginning on some tips the pros use to continue producing words, day in and day out, but the second half of the class will zero in on the personal. So bring your questions and whatever obstacles are keeping you from working on a regular basis. Writing isn't meant to be drudgery and willpower will only get you so far - this class aims to not only increase your word count but also your pleasure and confidence in the process.


About the Instructor: Kim Wright is the author of five novels, four books of nonfiction, and over three hundred articles in national magazines. Her novel Last Ride to Graceland won the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction and she is a two-time recipient of the Lowell Thomas Award for travel writing. Kim is a lecturer in multiple creative writing programs as well as being the founder of The Story Doctor, a developmental editing service for novelists.