Beach Authors Tell All: The Secrets of Writing Successful Women's Fiction

06/03/2021 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM ET


Charlotte Lit's Zoom Room 2

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Have you ever wondered how authors manage to create a robust body of work – some of them even publishing a book a year? Erika Montgomery (A Summer to Remember), Joy Callaway (Secret Sisters), and Kim Wright (The Longest Day of the Year) are founding members of "Authors Out of Carolina" and have collectively published more than a dozen books between them – with no end in sight. They'll let you in on what it takes to write for the largest genre of them all – women's fiction – and how they keep their creative mojo going even with tight deadlines and a rapidly-changing market. (Hint: Sisterhood has A LOT TO do with their success.) Kim will discuss plot and POV, Erika will tackle characterization and dialogue, while Joy handles setting and world building. There will be time left at the end for a roundtable discussion about agents, publishing, and how to build a loyal audience of readers. Don't miss this fun and informative class! (Sunscreen and Sea Breezes optional.)