Hip Hop Songwriting

09/24/2020 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM ET


Classes: Single-Session


  • $35.00


Rap music, once considered to be a fad, is now over 40 years old. Through the years, rappers have contributed to the form and shape of the music. This class will introduce participants to the classic form of a rap song. We’ll learn how to count in 4/4 time, explore 16-bar verse and 8-bar hook formats, and cover end rhyme, internal rhyme and the concept of rhyming couplets. We’ll also look closely at the idea of cadence. Our goal is to learn from what has already been established in rap music, while also learning to develop a personal style of artistic expression. 

About the Instructor: Tarik Kiley is a local musician who plays piano, drums and percussion and is versed in many different styles of music. He’s been rapping for over 20 years and wants to cultivate the scene for underground rap artists. Tariq is a member of Guerilla Poets and has presented classes on rap at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.