Finding an Agent

03/09/2021 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM ET


Classes: Single-Session


  • $35.00


Agents can be angels - potentially helpful, but hard to find.  This class will talk about 1) what agents do for writers 2) the different types of agents and how to know which type is right for you 3) how to find an agent and 4) how not to find an agent, i.e., mistakes writers often make in the all-important agent search. We'll also talk about the dark side of the industry - how to recognize an invalid or predatory agent and what to do if you find yourself yoked to the wrong agent partner. The class will also cover search engines, query letters, contracts, the editing process that comes before the editors even show up, and when it's time to get on that plane and head to New York.

About the Instructor: Kim Wright is the author of five novels, four books of nonfiction, and over three hundred articles in national magazines. Her novel Last Ride to Graceland won the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction and she is a two-time recipient of the Lowell Thomas Award for travel writing. Kim is a lecturer in multiple creative writing programs as well as being the founder of The Story Doctor, a developmental editing service for novelists.