Building an Author Platform

05/04/2021 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM ET


Classes: Single-Session


  • $35.00


In this interactive session, lawyer turned author and podcaster Landis Wade will guide you through building and expanding your author platform. Whether traditionally or indie published, marketing is a critical part of an author’s life, and platform building has become essential. While writing great books can certainly help, platform building is about more than just writing. It’s also about finding that “something else” that leads to connections, exposure and maybe even a few readers willing to give your books a chance. While this course won’t offer the winning lottery ticket to author platform building success, it will offer ideas that cause you to think about what you might do to complement your writing that feels less like marketing and more like fun, a good use of your creative energy and talent. Landis will offer tips and suggestions from his experience—bring yours, too!

About the Instructor: Landis Wade is a recovering trial lawyer and host of Charlotte Readers Podcast. His third book, The Christmas Redemption, won the Holiday category of the 12th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards. He won the 2016 NC State Bar short story contest and has received awards for two nonfiction pieces. His work has appeared in, The Charlotte Observer, Flying South, Fiction on the Web, and in various anthologies, including Daniel Boone Footsteps and High Country Writers. Since retiring from the practice of law, Landis has taught courses on listening to and producing podcasts, legal considerations for podcasters, and making, distributing and promoting audiobooks.