Studio: The Art of Detail



Charlotte Lit's Zoom Room 1
Charlotte, NC

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For most writers, bringing the rich world inside your head onto the page is a challenge. Yet fully fleshing out details is precisely the skill that enables readers to connect with your work. Though we don’t often acknowledge it, it’s also what connects us as writers to our creativity. But how, precisely, do we do it? In this course, we’ll explore the importance of sensory details and the clever, diverse, and artful ways they can be employed in prose. Along with weekly readings to inspire and instruct us, there will be exercises and prompts to help generate rich, memorable passages for our work. In addition to delivering inspiration and practical craft advice, Meg Rich will provide feedback on weekly assignments. This course is perfect for anyone struggling with rendering details, whether in a first or fiftieth draft. This class is four weeks of asynchronous learning, September 26 through October 23, 2021, with two optional Zoom sessions on Monday, September 27 and October 18 at 6:00 p.m. Non-member registration includes a one-year Charlotte Lit General Membership.

About the Instructor: Megan Rich is the author of two books, a YA novel and a travel memoir. She’s currently revising her third book, a literary-fiction novel inspired by The Great Gatsby. Meg is a graduate of University of Michigan, where she participated in a highly selective creative writing program, and a recent graduate of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop Book Project Program in Denver, Colorado. She has taught creative writing for twelve years, working with students of all ages and in all genres. Meg pioneered Charlotte Lit's weekly Pen to Paper writing group and serves as a coach in Charlotte Lit’s Authors Lab program.

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