Channeling for Writers

10/28/2021 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET


Charlotte Lit's Studio Two
1817 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205


Channeling is not just for witches and woo-woo New Agers, but Halloween seems an appropriate time for exploration. Channeling is a creative state of flow where new perspectives and ideas easily appear on the page. Have you heard a writer say characters sometimes write themselves? Most writers stumble into channeling every now and then because it’s the space where our mind finally lets go and our intuition has the freedom to speak. In this session, you’ll learn simple, reliable ways to enter an inner writing space where surprise and solutions arrive on a regular basis. We will be writing by hand and moving around the classroom so travel light – all you need is a pen and an open mind.

PLEASE NOTE: Proof of full Covid vaccination is required to attend in-person Charlotte Lit events. Send a pic of your vaccination card to 

About the Instructor: Jennifer Halls has helped thousands of people physically experience and understand how to access their deep intuitive knowing through a variety of playful practices that enable a shift in perspective. Her approach is practical, straightforward, and involves a lot of humor. The result is a seamless alignment of heart and spirit that benefits all areas of our lives, especially creative practices like writing. Jennifer is the author of The Runes Workshop: A You Know Intuition Workbook.

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